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About Hamilton Shaw

Hamilton Shaw Consulting Pty LtdHamilton Shaw Consulting is a Melbourne based consultancy founded by Managing Director Lisa Shaw in 2004. Focused on ICT procurement lifecycle and technology related business change, we have a philosophy of delivering incisive and pragmatic solutions to meet our clients business challenges.

Hamilton Shaw Consulting only employs senior consultants with more than 15 years experience that can turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients. We bring methodology and know-how that is adaptable and flexible Ė we donít force you to fit our process.

The Hamilton Shaw Consulting team are drawn from many different backgrounds and are united by a set of shared values. The values we operate with are:

  • Integrity - have confidence that the team you engage will always act with the utmost professionalism and can be trusted
  • Honesty - a team that is prepared to tell it how it is, rather than how you want to hear it
  • Excellence - a team that knows what it is talking about and can offer real value. We only accept assignments where we can bring measurable results
  • Customer service - a team that is reliable, easy to do business with and is accessible and flexible according to your needs
  • Creativity - not just the big ideas, but the small ones that will make your day-to-day life easier
  • Mentoring - working respectfully as advisor and coach to our clients and co-workers.

When it comes to our clients we place a high value on understanding your business, your organisational culture, the specific challenges you face and how to leverage your team to deliver the best results. We aim to be a long term partner with you and recognise that can only happen if we help you to succeed.

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